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Top suspended automatic discharge centrifuge

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Top-suspended Automatic Discharge Centrifuge

Product introduction

  XZ series centrifuge is a kind of top suspended gravity discharge,automatic control,continuous cycle filtering centrifuge.It can automatically complete the feeding,separation,washing,unloading and other processes under different rotating speeds,and can realize remote and close control.It is characterized by stable operation,fast unloading,high automation,low labor intensity and large output.
  Scope of application:It is suitable for separating suspensions containing medium coarse solid particles,which are not easy to compress and have low viscosity of liquid substances.It is suitable for light industry,chemical industry,fertilizer,food,pharmacy and other industries,especially for the separation of methyl sugar.

Working principle
  The motor drives the drum to rotate.At the feeding speed,the materials are fed from the upper part of the drum and evenly distributed to the drum wall.When the feeding reaches the predetermined volume,the feeding is stopped and the high-speed separation is achieved.In the process of feeding and high-speed separation,under the action of centrifugal force,the liquid substances pass through the filter screen and the filter hole on the drum wall and are discharged from the drum,and are discharged out of the machine through the liquid discharge pipe,while the solid substances are trapped in the drum.At the end of high-speed separation,when the rotating speed reaches the unloading rotating speed or the stop state,the material cover is automatically lifted,and the solid phase is automatically discharged from the rotary drum and the bottom of the casing under the action of gravity.Then automatically wash the screen and start the next cycle.

Technical Parameters


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