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Plate Centrifuge

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Flat hanging bag centrifuge

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Flat Plate Suspend Bag Discharging Centrifuge

Product Introduction

  PD Series Centrifuge is a flat plate type filter centrifuge with suspended bags for off-site unloading and intermittent operation.It is equipped with a fully closed and openable cover,a flat base,and a frequency conversion speed regulator,which can be programmed and controlled remotely or remotely.It has the characteristics of novel structure,simple operation,fast unloading,low labor intensity,stable operation,fully enclosed explosion-proof,GMP standard,etc.

  It is suitable for separating suspensions containing solids with particle size greater than 0.05mm,which are not easy to compress and have low viscosity of liquid phase.It is especially suitable for solid-liquid separation where materials are not suitable for human contact,cleanliness requirements are high,washing requirements are strict,and explosion-proof grade is high.It is applicable to pharmaceutical,food,health products,national defense and other industries.

Working principle
  PD centrifuge is a new model designed and manufactured in accordance with GMP specifications for pharmaceutical equipment.The motor drives the drum to rotate.When the feeding speed is high,the materials are introduced into the drum from the feeding pipe.When the feeding reaches the predetermined volume,the feeding is stopped and the high-speed separation is achieved.At this time,the washing can be carried out.During the feeding and high-speed separation process,under the action of centrifugal force,the liquid phase substances pass through the filter cloth and the filter hole on the drum wall and are discharged from the drum,and are discharged out of the machine through the discharge pipe;The solid phase is trapped in the drum.After separation,open the cover after shutdown,release the locking block of the liquid baffle,and lift the liquid baffle together with the filter bag containing the filter residue to the unloading place for unloading.

Technical Parameters


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