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Plate Centrifuge

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Plate motor direct connected closed explosion-proof centrifuge PSF

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Flat Plate Motor-directed Explosion proof Centrifuge

Product Introduction

  PSL series groundless direct connection explosion-proof upper manual unloading is a product that has undergone technical transformation on the basis of SS type three column centrifuge to meet the needs of modern production.The traditional suspension support structure has been canceled and the specially designed elastic damping damper for centrifuge has been replaced.It has also made significant improvements in improving machine performance,optimizing machine structure,and facilitating users'use.It can be widely used in pharmaceutical,chemical,light industry,food,machinery manufacturing,textile and other industrial sectors.


  It is applicable to the separation of suspension with solid particles larger than Sum and concentration of 5%-7%.
  The specially designed elastic damping damper according to the vibration characteristics of the centrifuge can absorb the vibration of the machine almost completely,so that it will not interfere with the external environment and realize the installation without foundation.
  The special explosion-proof motor for centrifuge is used for direct operation.The sleeve bearing chamber of centrifuge is integrated in the motor,without transmission parts,wearing parts and electric braking.
  After finishing,the drum can eliminate the imbalance and make the machine more reliable;
  All exposed parts are rust free,which makes the machine simple and beautiful,and easy to clean;
  Quick opening structure,cover and even the whole shell can be opened automatically,which is convenient for internal cleaning,reduces labor intensity,and is convenient for users to use;The machine is easy to operate and maintain,safe and reliable.

Technical Parameters


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