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Two stage pusher Centrifuge

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Double-stage Pusher Centrifuge

Product introduction
  HR type is kind of two stage piston push and continuous operating filtration centrifuge,it can complete all the operation of feeding,separating,drying and discharging at full speed.
  This machine is used for separating crystal or fibrous suspension liquid with middle particle.It is specially applicable to these materials need to wash in the machine,but requires materials with stable concentration and feed,and that means the solid concentration in the suspension liquid>30%by volume It is suitable for separating crystalline or short fibrous materials with particle size(particle diameter)of 0.07mm-5mm and suspension concentration(solid phase volume ratio)of 30%-80%,especially suitable for materials that need to be washed in the machine.

Structure and performance characteristics:
  (1)Full automatic continuous operation,low labor intensity;
  (2)Compact structure,small footprint,convenient installation and maintenance;
  (3)Large production capacity and low moisture content of filter cake;
  (4)Uniform cloth and low vibration;
  (5)The filter cake can be washed;
  (6)Grain breakage can be prevented.


  Widely used in chemical industry,chemical fertilizer,salt,alkali,pharmaceutical,food,light industry and other industries.
Typical application materials include:sodium chloride,potassium chloride,ammonium chloride,potassium sulfate,sodium sulfate,mirabilite,ammonium sulfate,potassium carbonate,sodium hydroxide,nitrocellulose,cellulose acetate,potassium dihydrogen phosphate,urotropine,and other sulfates,carbonates,nitrates,phosphates,etc.
Working principle

Working principle

  After the basket is rotating at full speed,the suspension liquid to be separated is fed into the feeding pipe 1 and continuously sent to the distributor 2.Under the action of centrifugal force,the suspension liquid evenly distributed on the first stage basket screen 3,and most.of liquid phase goes through out the screen mesh and the hole of basket,while the solid phase in the form of annular filter cake stays on the screen,when the first stage basket returns and pushes the filter cake moving forward a distance along the basket axial,and when the first stage basket process,the empty surface of screen is filled with the continuous suspension liquid again and forms new filter cake.With the continuous reciprocating movement.,and the filter cake pulses forward and further drying.The filter cake goes into the secondary stage basket from the first stage basket,the filter cake is loose and redistributed on the secondary stage basket screen and pushed out of the basket,continuously go into the collecting tank 5,and finally the filter cake moves out of machine from the tangential discharge port by the scraper 4 installed in the secondary stage basket(if not using the scraper,the filter cake will directly drop into the machine casting and out of machine by gravity).The filter liquid phase and the wash water can be discharged by the liquid discharge port,if necessary,the filter liquid phase and the wash water can be discharged separately.
The rotation of the basket is driven by the motor through v belt,the reciprocating movement of the first stage basket is driven by hydraulic system made by the composite oil cylinder.

Technical Parameters


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